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Tape Tool For Binding Plant Vines

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About this item
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  • Made of metal & plastic
  • Delivers stapled ties instantly
  • Binds 2-3 times more vines than workers
  • Gives a secure connection
  • Suitable for tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.
Item description from the seller
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You may know that trellising or providing vertical support to vines & plants is highly beneficial – it prevents plants from diseases by ensuring better airflow, allows you to erect more plants in less area and makes harvesting simpler. But are you avoiding it because it costs a lot?

Not anymore – the great plant tying tape machine is here. It provides stapled ties to your cucumber, tomatoes and peas vines in a snap. Just hold the plant near the trellis, round up the tape around the connection and press the tool to make a perfect tie.

What you’ll get:

  • Makes trellising tomatoes and cucumbers a breeze: Trellising by attaching threads or electric tape is a tedious task. Working with this machine saves you a lot of time as it binds 2-3 times more vines than manual workers. You just have to feed in the tape and stapler pins, pinch the support and the plant together and voila, you are done. It is exceedingly beneficial for farmers who own large areas of crops.

  • A secure connection guaranteed: The problem with tape joints is that it takes more time and may lose stickiness over time. Joints involving threads often become loose due to wind currents. Joints obtained from this plant staple gun, however, are secure, tight, and durable – all at the same time.

  • Money-saving solution: This tool does work equivalent to 2-3 laborers which mean you will save cost on their salaries.

  • Easy-to-operate tool: The working is quite easy. There are no complex buttons, screens, or algorithms to work with. You just have to see the instructions one time to understand it.

  • Consistent operation: Unlike elementary vine tape tools, this one gets the tape in the latch and the staple pin in position correctly each time. No need to get frustrated now.

  • Package includes 1 x vine tape tool, 6 x 1/2inch binding tape, 1 pack stapler pins. 

*The tape tool for vines works with ½ inch tape.

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