Three Sided Autism Toothbrush For Sensory Issues

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  • Material: Resin + Plastic
  • Special needs toothbrush
  • Doesn't irritates an autistic person
  • Soft bristles gently clean teeth and gums
  • 3-sided toothbrush remove dental tartar and plaque
  • Suitable for toddlers and adults with sensory issues
  • Package includes protective plastic covers

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One out of every 160 children is autistic worldwide (WHO). However, the ratio might be even higher as sometimes autism is diagnosed later in life.

Indeed, no parent will feel at ease finding their baby to be unhealthy. And, yes, autism can be struggling for the child and parent, but it surely isn't terrifying.

Still, out of many basic routine things, one skill that is the most difficult for them to perfect is maintaining their personal hygiene.

The fact that they become frustrated quickly compared to others also doesn't help much in their case.

However, as their caretaker, you shouldn't give up. Instead, get them something like this autism toothbrush for special needs children.

This three-sided autism friendly toothbrush for toddlers cleans teeth and gums from all sides without frustrating the baby.

What you'll get:

  • A toothbrush for sensory issues: Autistic people are not fans of sensory stimuli, making them avoid anything that can put an unnecessary physical overload. However, this sensory toothbrush is not harsh on the gums, and soft bristles gently clean the dental tartar and plaque.

  • The best solution for teething frustrations: 20%-25% of autistic children and adults suffer from bruxism. Moreover, constant lip-biting, picking at gums, and medication reactions also add to the oral problems. No need to worry. This 3-sided sensory toothbrush is designed specifically for all special needs children. It cleans the gums, brushes teeth from all sides without irritating the child.

  •  Suitable for all: This best special needs toothbrush is designed to be used by adults, babies, or any disabled person with ease and comfort.

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Listed on 6 August, 2021