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Small ring box with fairy tale
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Small fairy tale box
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small lacquer box
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tiny small lacquer box
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Small Russian lacquer box
Small ring box with fairy tale
Small fairy tale box
small lacquer box
tiny small lacquer box
Small Russian lacquer box

Small fairy tale lacquer box unique gift ring box Kholui miniature art

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Shamakhan Queen lacquer box

Add a playful touch to your vanity or nightstand  with this tiny lacquer box inspired by the Tale of Golden Cockerel. Incredibly small the box embellished with a puppet-style painting of Shamakhan Queen and her admirers. This decorative box can be a unique gift or a charming way to keep your rings in it

• Entirely handmade
• Handcrafted from papier-mache
• Cloaked in rich smooth black lacquer outside and red inside
• Thoroughly dried after each coat (up to 10 coats before painting starts)
• Hand-painted with a freshly made egg tempera
• Artfully detailed with gold leaf within the picture and for patterns on the lid and borders
• Many times covered with a clear glossy lacquer finish
• Polished by hand to the smooth and even condition
• Lift-off lid
• Certificate inside

Dimensions: H 1.4” x L 1.8” x W 1.2” inches or (3.5 x 4.5 x 3 cm).

The inscription in gold below the miniature painting: Shamakhan Queen, Kholui

Over the years, the box will acquire a vintage value, so this is a great gift now and for all time.

Let the charm of our lacquer boxes inspire you to believe in fairy tales on the WhiteNightSPb shop

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