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Travel Toothbrush Holder

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About this item
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  • Material: PP
  • Size: 20 x 5.5 cm approx.
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Ideal to use while traveling, camping, or sleepover
  • Prevent toothbrush from deforming
  • Easy opening & closing
Item description from the seller
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Going on a weekend getaway to your cabin in the woods? Lets checklist your luggage

Phone charger? ✔️

Keys? ✔️

Wallet? ✔️

Umbrella? ✔️

Toothbrush? ✔️

Wait! Are you going to throw your toothbrush as it is? What about the bacteria and germs the bristles will catch from other things?

That’s a no-no!

So make use of this travel toothbrush holder to keep your brush safe from germs and pollutants. It keeps oral hygiene top-notch and gives proper storage space to brushes.

No chance of brush breaking down or you spending a lot of time in finding them because this holder not only protects them but also makes them easy to spot.

What you’ll get:

  • Multiple toothbrush storage: The holder can conveniently store not just one but 2 to 3 toothbrushes. If your toothbrush doesn’t come with a plastic cover, put it in this holder to prevent germs from reaching the bristles.
  • Ideal for traveling: The travel toothbrush holder is perfect for keeping a toothbrush on travel adventures. Whether you are on a long road trip or heading out of your city for a business meeting or leisure retreat, this holder makes it easy to carry your toothbrush.
  • Easy cleaning: The hollow design of the holder makes it easy to wash, clean, and dry for longer use.
  • Multi-use: This holder is ideal for putting chopsticks, pencils, pens, and forks for your camping, hiking, and outdoor picnic activities. 

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