Water Faucet & Handle Extender Set For Toddlers & Young Kids, Plastic Material

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Allows kids to reach the tap easily
  • Spout and handle extender set
  • Easy installation & removal
  • Available in multiple designs
  • Promotes hand-washing interest
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Does your toddler call you every time he/she wants to wash hands in the sink? How will they develop good hygiene habits if they are not provided ease in this process? 

Welcome the problem-solving water faucet & handle extender set in your family and encourage your kids to wash hands whenever they are dirty. 

This is a thoughtful product; unlike other faucet extenders that only cover the spout and not the handle, this comes in a complete set. How can you expect the kid to reach the handle if he/she can’t reach the spout, right? It is practical, low in price and pretty.

What you’ll get:

  • Easy reach for the kids: The tool brings water closer to your kid’s reach so they don’t have to stand on a stool or on their toes to get their hands and face washed.

  • Decreased water flow to prevent splashing: Fast flow of the water usually makes your kids’ clothes wet. Not anymore with the smart faucet handle extender for toddlers. It decreases the speed of the water and allows them to brush their teeth, wash fruits, and gargle comfortably.

  • Encourages good hygiene habits in kids: It allows your kids to wash hands and face easily, so they are more inclined to follow a good hygiene routine. No need to wait for them to complete their handwashing now. Carry on with your routine chores and let them take care of their washing themselves.

  •  High compatibility: The faucet & handle extender set can go over almost all standard faucets, thanks to the tightening mechanism.

  • Easy operation: Installing the spout extender is a two-step process. The tightening cap goes on the tap first, followed by the face. You can move the face upwards or downwards, depending on the need.

  • The handle extender includes two screws on each side. Tighten it according to the thickness of the handle. They are also easy to remove so you can carry them to hotels and your parents’ house on holidays for kids. A solution that works everywhere.