Wheat Straw Handheld Egg Yolk Separator Tool

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  • Made of wheat straw
  • Mess-free egg yolk remover
  • Available in different colors

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Are you an all-protein person who likes to have eggs yolkless? This practical handheld egg yolk separator will do the job for you in an instant. No need to suck out the yolk after pouring the egg into the bowl, unlike other yolk separators.

Simply, put the egg into the tool and the egg white will instantly flow out of the gaps. If there is some left, tilt the tool a bit to get it through.   

What you’ll get:

  •  No-hassle operation: Other egg separators either require you to suck the yolk in or push the egg white out through narrow openings. This egg yolk remover is free of all these hassles. Stabilize it on the rim of the bowl and pour in the egg simply to separate the yolk.

  • No broken egg yolks now: The egg yolks remain 100% secure through this method because you don’t have to suck it. Also, it separates the yolk without any egg white residue.

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Listed on 6 May, 2021