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Wireless Bluetooth Headband For Running, Exercise & Sleeping

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About this item
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  • Material: Acrylic Fiber
  • Listen to music while exercising & running
  • Bluetooth range: 10m
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0 EDR
  • 180mAh battery run time: 4-6 hours
  • Volume manager present on the headband
  • Removable and washable
  • Non-slip and breathable
Item description from the seller
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Wireless earphones and AirPods are great but they have a problem!

You can’t jog or run openly without worrying that they’ll drop.

You can’t just wipe away the sweat from your forehead while doing household chores because, what? Yes, the earphones fall down.

We have got something that’ll elevate your comfort and convenience to new heights – the wireless Bluetooth headband.

It snugs to your forehead – you can run as fast as you want, perform any yoga posture or gym exercise that you desire, clean any cupboard that you want, wipe any floor that you like without worrying that it’ll drop off.

Listen to hard rock on it while working out, calming track on it while doing yoga, mental health podcast on it while cleaning the house and soothing music on it while sleeping. It’s a headband, an eye mask, an earphone – all in one!

What you’ll get:

  • Wireless music anywhere: Quit stuffing handsfree in your ears while exercising or running. It’s clumsy. This headband earphone ensures that you get to enjoy music without worrying that they’ll fall down or get loose.

  • Variable applications: Thanks to the volume manager on the headband, you can listen to your favorite jukeboxes while pumping sweat in the field or gym. You can move onto the next audio file by pressing the center button as well. In addition to it, you can listen to audiobooks while traveling, podcasts while flying in the plane or important interviews you might have missed. It can also be used as a headband for sleeping: play a soothing track on it, place it over your eyes and fell asleep quickly.

  • Highly compatible with devices: The wireless Bluetooth headband supports a majority of devices, including Sony, PSP, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, MOTO and laptop/iPad.

  • No need for batteries: Thanks to the onboard 180mAh battery, it requires no external batteries. Upon charging for 2 hours, it will work for 4-6 hours. The charging port is incorporated within the knitted sports headband.

  • Wide applications: Use it while running in the morning, training in the gym, playing ball games in the field, cycling on the tracks, hiking in the mountains or sleeping in your cozy bed.

  • High comfort: The acrylic fabric is sweat-absorbent, skin-friendly and breathable. You can wipe your sweaty arms with it and then wash it easily upon arriving back home. Remove the unit from the headband before washing. The speakers unit is not waterproof.