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Wood USA Map by Enjoy The Wood, Travel Map of United States, America Map Art, 3D Map USA, Home Wall Decor Travel

byEnjoy The Wood
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  • The map has all the states, including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Professionally made by craftsmen from birch plywood, from 6 to 15 mm thick (0.23 - 0.47 inches).
  • Featuring over four contrasting shades of wood, it is one of our most stylish wall maps. Please notice that color can be different in real life because it is made of natural wood, which has its own shade.
  • Choose National Parks pins or US States Flags pins to mark places you have traveled to or dream about visiting!
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Wooden USA Map - of the same quality and brilliant look as Wooden World Maps - but smaller and naturally localized. For those who want to find out and remember more about their country and the routes missed or those, you're about to overcome.

πŸ“ USA National Parks Pins - includes a set of 63 National Parks pins. Adhesive backing for easy placement.
πŸ“ USA Flag Pins - includes a set of 50 wooden star-shaped flag pins. Adhesive backing for easy placement.

πŸ“ M - 24 Ρ… 39" (61Ρ…100 cm)
πŸ“ L - 37 x 59" (94x150 cm)

πŸ“ The map attaches to the wall with special double-sided sticky tape, which comes in the package.
πŸ“ The map can be removed from the wall without damage if it’s done carefully. Message for instructions.


EU FRIENDLY (except Cyprus, Malta, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Serbia, Bosnia) - order map to EU and don’t pay customs fees

Please NOTICE that due to big dimensions of the package you will pay customs and import taxes. The amount of taxes depends on your country's laws. We are not responsible for them.
You can check the approximate customs fee on the link

β™‘ Thanks for shopping at EnjoyTheWood!

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Listed on 24 January, 2023