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Wood Wall Map, World Map Wall Art, Large Travel Decor, Housewarming Gift by Enjoy The Wood, Wooden World Map Wall Art

byEnjoy The Wood
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About this item
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  • lifetime warranty
  • comes ready-to-gift
  • travel planner & memory board
  • installation fun and easy
  • corner stencils are included
  • wooden airplanes, boats, and a compass are included in the package.
  • the map comes with detailed installation instructions. Installation video:
  • the special double-sided tape we use is strong enough to hold the map pieces on the wall (but dont stick to wallpaper).
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Travelling is life! The map is made for people who love freedom, traveling, and life!

Travel 3D wooden wall map is a unique wooden wall décor for your home, office or any other location.

Looking for perfect inspirational gifts for travel lovers? This stylish mosaic of world locations is the best gift idea for Housewarming, Birthday, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 5th Anniversary, or any other special moment.
Our 3D map is a gift you should buy yourself! Our designers virtuously revealed every element making this wood wall art a focal talk point for any interior. Cozy up next to it, share your travel experiences with friends, plan your next journeys, and get inspired to explore the world. Keep track of the spots you’ve visited solo or with your loved ones.


πŸ“ handmade of birch plywood.
πŸ“ shades: may differ from the pictures because of natural wood features
πŸ“ default language: English
πŸ“ thickness: 6-12 mm (0.23''-0.47'')
πŸ“ the map can be removed from the wall. Message to us for instructions.
πŸ“ due to the size, some countries and islands are omitted on the map, so it is not geographical.

πŸ“ FLAGS pack - includes a box of 287 flags of all the countries on the Map, provinces of Canada, states of USA, states of Australia and of additional islands. Please notice that some countries’ flags are omitted.
πŸ“ PHOTO FRAMES - set includes 9 wood frames in 3 different sizes + double-sided sticky tape for easy and quick installation.


A Map without engravings, just the outline of the world

Countries + Capitals (only for sizes L/XL) + States of the USA, Canada, Australia + “Antarctica” piece

PRIME Map with mountains, rivers and lakes

πŸ“ S - 53 x 36 cm (20 x 14 in)
πŸ“ M - 100 x 60 cm (39 x 24 in)
πŸ“ L - 150 x 90 cm (59 x 35 in)
πŸ“ XL - 200 x 120 cm (79 x 47 in)
πŸ“ 2XL - 250 x 160 cm (98 x 63 in)
πŸ“ 3XL - 300 x 175 cm (118 x 69 in)


This is not a true geographical map, so we do not include all the countries and islands. Unfortunately, some of the smaller ones had to be omitted because of the Map scale.


Due to the dimensions of the package, you will pay customs and import taxes. The amount of taxes depends on your country's laws, usually, it’s around $30-$60 USD. EnjoyTheWood is not responsible for them.

US and EU-friendly for the wooden world map. For orders to the rest of the world and to UK, Cyprus, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Serbia you will pay customs fees.


β™‘ Thanks for shopping at EnjoyTheWood!

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Listed on 1 February, 2023