Woodworking Corner Clamp Kit

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  • Material: ABS
  • Allows you to join tapered & T-shaped joints perfectly
  • Works for wood: 5-22mm thickness
  • Sliding angle head to handle different woods
  • Multi-angle; suitable for 3 joints, 60o, 90o, 120o
  • One-hand operation, hold the pieces with the other
  • Makes gluing and screwing joints a breeze
  • Kit includes: 4 fixing clips, 12 angle heads
  • Useful for carpentry, woodworking

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How long does it take for a pine tree to reach its maturity?

25-30 years.

And Hard Maple?

20-25 years.

Such precious commodities should be used with extreme care. You shouldn’t be careless with them.  “So what if I didn’t get this joint right, I’ll use the other plank.” No, please don’t do that.

“Hey George, you can test with those wood pieces lying at the end, I was gonna them away anyways”. Nah, that would be a hit on the environment.

No wood during your DIY projects or professional woodworking should go to waste. That’s why we bring you this corner framing clamp kit. It allows you to align the box corners perfectly for easy nailing and gluing. So, that no piece gets discarded.

No more uneven edges for your wooden frames, boxes and drawers! The adjustable clamps apply enough pressure to keep them together and symmetrical. And they can be used for different angles as well.

What you’ll get:

  • Woodworking made quicker: Working without clamps takes a lot of time. You have to wait for the glue to dry and then drill the holes in the corners. But this kit saves you an ample amount of time. Fix them on the edges according to your need and drill holes in the wood immediately.

  • Works for different angles: The biggest advantage of these woodworking corner clamps is that they allow you to connect corners at 3 different angles: 60 degrees, 90 degrees and 120 degrees. You can easily change the detachable angle heads by simply pulling them out and sliding the required one in.

  • Ease of use: Push down the spring-loaded angle head of the clamp and position it such that the diagonal bisector aligns with the edge of the wood. Move the angle head right and left to fit securely.

  • Handles two widths of wood at one time: Another benefit of these fixing clips is that they can handle two planks of wood with different thicknesses at the same time. The secret lies in the sliding angle head. You can slide it right and left to fit both the woods.

  • One-hand operation for more convenience: Attach the carpentry clamps with one hand and connect the wood pieces with the other. You may have to wrestle with the wood pieces at times so that they sit together perfectly.

  • Works for a range of thicknesses: This spring-loaded corner clamp kit works for woods of thickness 5-22mm. Use it for tapered and T-shaped joints. This tool kit will allow you to make wooden boxes, mailboxes, poultry houses, picture frames, cabinets and drawers with precision. The quick-release mechanism will enable you to remove them from the joints easily as well. 

* Package includes: 4 x woodworking corner clamps, 4 x 60o angle heads, 4 x 90o angle heads, 4 x 120o angle heads

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Listed on 1 July, 2021