Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic Paintings

How can you create an impactful interior without spending alot on standing vases, wall paint and corner shelves? 


Get acrylic paintings from Inspire Uplift. 


And not just those expensive original artist works, but affordable yet impactful ones too. Acrylic paintings use the power of synthetic paints to exhibit impressive landscapes, sceneries and creative abstract art. Let your walls do the talking and take your interior aesthetics up a notch with our acrylic paintings


From majestic paintings of mountains to calming oceans, falling waterfalls and vibrant flowers, we also have innumerable canvases of abstract designs, creative geometric patterns, portraits and love expressions. Dive deep into the pool of artistic touches and elegant brush strokes and make your home a place to appreciate. 


Want a festive explosion of spring flowers on the wall of your living room or a dark line art of wildlife in your bedroom, a painting of a girl in a beach suit or a representation of falling dominos? Our acrylic paintings have all of these. Shop now.