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Felting & Fiber Arts

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Buy Felting & Fiber Art Online 

Whatever idea you have in your mind, whether it’s embellishing your home stunningly, getting soft toys for your little one, or presenting a stunning gift to your nearest one, felting and fiber art will be a great option. 

And to help you choose the felting and fiber art of your desire, Inspire Uplift has endless possibilities — from wall hangings, home and kitchen decor pieces, animal crafts, and hand-dyed fibers — choose that fits your taste. 

Home Decor Felting & Fiber Arts | Bring Elegance into Your Home

Whether it’s an occasion or you normally want to decorate your home, decor items made of felting and fiber will make everyone surprised with your home decor. And to help you choose the best home decor items, nothing is better than Inspire Uplift. 

We have a wide selection of felting and fiber home decor items ranging from felted wool coasters, wool felted rugs or mats, wall hangings, felted storage containers, or anything else, we have lots of options. So buy felting fiber products online at Inspire Uplift and give a gorgeous touch to your home. 

Kids Toys in Felting & Fiber Art | Help Your Child Have Fun Playing 

Letting your kid play with felting and fiber art toys is totally harmless way. Since these toys come in multiple shapes, they quickly grab your kid’s attention and keep him/her engaged. 

So whatever felting and fiber art toy you’re looking for, whether it’s shaped like a sheep, teddy bear, rabbit, dog, cat, sparrow, or something else, you’ll find different varieties of toys at Inspire Uplift. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What types of fibers can be used for felting? 

Various types of fibers can be used for felting, including animal fibers such as wool, alpaca, mohair, and cashmere, as well as plant fibers such as cotton, linen, and hemp. 

What material is required for felting? 

For felting, you need wool, ideally unspun or roving wool. Hot water, soap, and a foam pad for felting are also required for felting. Felting needles and decorations are optional extras.