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Knee Pads

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Whether you are a basketball player who practices on hard courts or a construction worker whose entire day is spent working with nails, glass, tools and rough surfaces or a skating beginner who manages to fall every day and have scuffed knees.


Our collection of protective knee pads is for you. It offers your knees protection from blisters, cuts, scars and scrapes so you can perform your daily chores safely. Inspire Uplift takes pride in selling high-quality pain relief products to their customers and knee protection pads are just another display of that.


We deal in leather, EVA, neoprene and lycra kneepads for men, women and kids which are incorporated with layered cushioning to provide safety while working on construction sites, gardening, dancing, skating, and playing volleyball, or lifting weights. Some of our protective knee pads have springs to help support the legs when bearing weight. Others have straps so you can tighten and loosen them on will. Some of our knee protection pads are specifically for toddlers, as well, to protect their soft skin while they play, crawl and sit. All of them fit ergonomically and last a long time.