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What are hankies use for?

To clean the table?

To absorb the sweat off the face?

To clean your hands?

To come useful in flu?

Yes, but there are more uses for them today. Men use it to lend to others, clean their shoes or as a pocket square while ladies use it to put their cutlery on it or clean their spectacles. Whatever the reason is, our ladies' and men's handkerchiefs will come in handy for you.


From floral designs to embroidered, checkered and printed options, we have charming handkerchiefs for everyone. Want it for your dining table? Look at our laced versions. Need it as a pocket square? View our silk ones. Require beautiful pink and red ones for your kids? Choose our decorative handkerchiefs. Need as keepsakes for weddings and baptisms? We have exquisite and lavish designs. Want white handkerchiefs to blow your nose? We have those too. Want vintage ones for your dining table? Scour through our timeless-designed ones.


You don’t have to worry about the material limitations as well because we have cotton, muslin, silk, eco-friendly polyester, microfiber and others. You can choose from single-piece or set variants and see which one suits you the best.  


So, whether you require men’s handkerchiefs or silk ladies’ handkerchiefs, you don’t need to look anywhere else. Our wide array of options will make your search so much easier.