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Didn’t you remember how exciting it was to play with model kits in childhood? Now, it’s time to give the same rush of feelings to your kids and grandkids with our model figures and kits. Whether you want a Level 1 modeling kit for your child or an expert-level, fine-detailing model figure for yourself, we have plenty of options to explore. 


Our category is brimmed with figures of movie characters, cartoons, aircrafts, military, army, landmarks, vehicles, etc. Some are simple snap-together figures, while others require joining plenty of small pieces (and a deep skill level) to get formed. Some include joining the body parts together, some include connecting slides, tracks, orbits and gears together, while others include joining the parts of costumes together. 


Our figure models and kits are made of wood, plastic or resin (3D printed models) and aim to enhance creativity and cultivate imagination amongst kids. These figures also promote effective hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Share beautiful memories and family time together with these toys.