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DIY Educational 12-in-1 Solar Robotic Kits

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About this item
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  • 190-piece robotic kit
  • All pieces are made of ABS
  • Easy-to-understand instruction manual
  • Prepare 12 different robots with the kit
  • Enhances motor skills & cognitive abilities of kids
Item description from the seller
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Every single parent wants to instill good motor skills in their kids. They are always on the hunt for opportunities that will enhance their kid’s cognitive abilities. Well, look no further when you can get this 12-in-1 solar-powered robotic kit.

It includes 190 ABS pieces that can be joined together to engineer 12 different robots that work on solar energy. Get your hands on this popular kids toy and become the talk of the town in your neighborhood.

What you’ll get:

  • Ready-to-use building kit: The kit includes gears, connectors, wheels, rollers, screws and panels that can be integrated together to form robots. You have to remove the parts from the plates using a plier and sand them before use. Use them to make 12 different solar robots, namely surfing bot, beetle bot, quad bot, crab bot, puppy bot, zombie bot, slither bot, buggy bot, row bot, walker bot, turtle bot and roly-poly bot.

  • Interactive instruction manual: There is an easy-to-understand instruction manual that will guide you and your kids step-wise about how to engineer solar robots. Help your kids in the first go and then ask him/her to prepare the next one themselves.

  • Cognitive development enhancer: The management of the parts and their attachment will stir the neurons of your kid’s brain and his/her mental abilities will enhance. This solar power robot kit will also improve their motor skills and imitation abilities. The robots work on both land and water.

  • Educational kit: It’s high time that you teach your children the importance of technology, science and renewable energy resources. This solar-powered robotic kit will do that for you. Tell them why solar energy is important in the coming decades and how engineering can be used to solve human problems. 

* The robots work in bright sunlight or under a 100W halogen lamp positioned 4 inches away.

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