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EVERYTHING IS MADE TO ORDER! Custom cosplay commissions, Cosplay costumes, Cosplay weapons, Movie props, theater props, props, scenery... Do you want authentic and reliable armor and look decent at comic-con events, historical reenactment and the like? Do you want to be beautiful and not hurt (when you are beaten with a replica of a weapon or a larp)? Are you a beginner cosplayer or a professional, are you a loner or a member of a clan team, we will create for you real armor or a suit of the right historical era, develop and implement your ideas on fantasy or sci-fi universes to participate in battles and other events, manufacture special and specialized themed furniture for quests (quest rooms) bars, restaurants, private residences. Do you want a sword, a saber, an axe, a hammer, etc. from an ancient engraving or "like that guy"? Do you need certain decorations, locations, props for organizing private events? -> Cosplay40000 workshop offers the following services: forging and processing of metals: steel, titanium, stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass, aluminum, which are performed by the masters of our company - profile blacksmiths and engineers with many years of experience. We develop master molds ourselves and pour decorative elements (metals, plastics, 3D), buckles, awards, cups and other accessories. We can be simpler, we can be harder. Also, artistic forging for your private homes, cottages, offices: railings and fences, cages, lattices, fences, gates, balconies, canopies and canopies, shutters, flower beds, entrance groups, decorative elements, small architectural forms... Cosplay40000 Workshop is an exceptional story about CUSTOM manufacturing. From the picture-idea to the embodiment in the smallest details. Our props are in big movie premieres and on famous theater stages. Individual tailoring of medieval clothing; individual forging of armor according to all the rules of the armor builder; development of unique cosplay costumes and accessories, complex engineering, mechanics, electronics, animatronics, casting of metals and plastics... 13 years on the market! We can do ANYTHING! Write us your messege right now! ^_^ 100% handmade Guaranteed free WORLDWIDE shipping Cosplay40000 do props and costumes for TV series and movies, for various cosplay events and airsoft for more than 13 years. Now you have the opportunity to place your private order. Among our customers are companies such as Amedia and Disney, We received requests from companies such as Warner bro and the Museum of illusions from Toronto and many-many others :-) Terms specify in conversations, but high quality, style, authenticity, highly artistic,durability & reliability you will get GUARANTEED. You can tell me all your wishes about this item, because it is custom made and I can make some changes. Also, I can make different costumes just ask in convos! You can send me a picture.

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I can offer you a special payment plan: layaway. If you are interested in it, write me a message. Some freaking new stuff! Your jaw will drop!!! I publish this news faster than I make the appropriate changes to the listings. So if you have something you bought with paying for the shipping - I'll give you a refund for the amount of delivery. Not a long time the forces of good and the loyalists were celebrating the victory over evil! CHAOS RAISES PRICES! Hurry up to make an order! Warp storm broke! Thousands of years of observations suggest that from Warp storms sometimes suddenly appear unexpected promotions! Subscribe to our store - put a heart - and you will promptly receive information about new listings and promotions from our space exploration headquarters. May the Emperor protect You!!!

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