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Original Art - in my store you will only find original paintings. I do not sell prints or digital art. I want to try many themes and materials in my art. I paint watercolor paintings, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel paintings. I find themes for my paintings in my everyday life and I am inspired by the painting of great artists. Most of all I am inspired by the paintings of the Impressionists. I love bright colors and understatement. I draw paintings most often on topics: Landscape Painting - I am very inspired by natural landscapes. I like to show the beauty of the places by which we pass every day. I also like the corners of the untouched nature of national parks and California. Seascape Painting - I'm always happy to paint another seascape. There is a lot of peace and inspiration in the movement of waves. I ask friends to bring a lot of photos from trips to discover new beautiful places. Flowers Painting - flowers are a constant source of inspiration for any artist. Sunflowers occupy a special place for me. I literally soak in the energy of the sun when I draw them. I am sure if there is a painting in the house with sunflowers or you grow them in the garden, then you can not have a bad mood. Birds Painting - I like to paint birds. They symbolize freedom and wisdom. Birds come in different colors of shape and size - an endless source of inspiration. Mountain painting - I live surrounded by mountain landscapes. So mountains are a special theme of my art. My friends from different countries say that the mountains where I live are very similar to the Swiss. ACEO Original Art - I believe that art should be accessible. Therefore, in addition to large paintings, I paint these small cards and sell them at a minimum price. Now a lot of prints or files are sold for printing, but the printout will never be able to compare with a hand-drawn picture. The printer can retry but cannot be created.

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