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20Pcs Ginger Powder Foot Soak

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About this item
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  • Relieve leg swelling
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Detoxify the harmful toxins
  • Made of herbal ingredients
  • A breeze to use
  • Quantity: 20Pcs
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Item description from the seller
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Leg swelling keeps you unrelaxed and causes pain.

It also makes your body unshaped and doesn’t let you wear stylish outfits.

Want to cure this disorder?

Then just pick up this 20Pcs Ginger Powder Foot Soak.

It takes the swelling out of your legs so you can be healthy. This foot soak makes it easy for you to do your daily tasks.

What you’ll get:

  • All-natural ingredients: Ginger, wormwood and saffron are processed to make this foot soak. It improves blood circulation to reduce blood clots. In addition, it cures your legs swelling and gives you a slim body.  
  • Anti-body toxins formula: This foot soak detoxifies the body from harmful toxins. It maintains your health and keeps you active and smart.
  • Cure leg swelling: This soak improves blood circulation to reduce blood clots. It cures leg swelling to provide you with slim and smart legs.
  • Simple to use: Applying this ginger powder foot soak is simple. Simply mix a pack in warm water and keep your feet in it. After 15 minutes, take out your feet, and clean and dry them.
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Listed on 4 July, 2022