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360 Degree Rotatable Car Cooling Dual Fan

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About this item
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  • Beat the heat! Cool down your car in no time with this powerful car fan.
  • Get maximum cooling power that runs on just 5W of electricity.
  • Easy power supply with the USB port - compatible with your car charger or laptop.
  • Find the perfect breeze for any weather with the three-speed wind adjustment.
  • Mount the fan on your dashboard or desktop for easy access and convenience.
  • Enjoy a refreshing and pleasant drive with the built-in aroma diffuser.
  • Package includes: 1* car fan x 2* solid perfumes
Item description from the seller
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Getting sweaty and feeling uncomfortable affects your energy level.

It also causes you to lose focus and keeps you unpleasant.

Plus, it can be harmful to your health if you're exposed to it for too long.

So feeling comfortable and cool while driving is inevitable!

And it isn’t possible without this 360° rotatable car cooling dual fan. With this fan's 360° rotatable design, you can direct the cool air wherever you need it most. So install this fan in your car and stay cool!

What you’ll get: 

This fan’s powerful cooling capabilities will leave you feeling refreshed and comfortable in no time. It requires only 5W of electricity, making it an eco-friendly option for your car.

Thanks to its USB port, you can easily plug it into your car charger or laptop for power supply. And the 1.37 meter-long USB cable ensures you won't have to deal with any annoying tangled cords during installation or use.

The fan features three adjustable wind speeds, so you can customize the airflow to suit any weather condition. And it's versatile enough to be mounted on your dashboard or desktop for easy access and convenience.

What's more, it even includes a built-in aroma diffuser, filling your car with a refreshing scent to elevate your driving experience.