Universal 360 Degree Rotating Bicycle Rear View Mirror

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  • Material: ABS + reflective mirror
  • 180 degrees sideways movement
  • 360 degrees horizontal rotation
  • Fits 15-35mm handlebars
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Car and bike drivers use side mirrors all the time during lane shifting. But cyclists have to look back each time they have to take a turn.

Which is frustrating, especially in dust storms and rain.

Why do cyclist companies don’t offer side mirrors for cycles too? No worries, we have you covered.

This Universal 360 Degree Rotating Bicycle Rear View Mirror will give you a clear vision of what’s coming from behind you. It gives you the sensation of riding a motorcycle even if you only have a mountain bike.

What you’ll get:

  • Adjustable for all bicycle handlebars: Owing to the adjustable buckle, it can be connected with all bicycle handlebars of circumference 15-35mm.

  • Highly functional movement: The rearview bicycle mirror can be rotated 360 degrees on its vertical axis which can be used to adjust your hair after a commute from your workplace. Moreover, it can be tilted 180 degrees sideways which means you can adjust it for any sitting position or rearview angle you want.

  • Clear vision: It contains a high-class reflective mirror that will provide you with a crystal clear vision in the morning when you go to work or on a Saturday evening while going for a brisk cycle commute.