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3D Retro Camera Phone Case

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About this item
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  • Built-in unique camera design
  • Give an exceptional look to your phone
  • 100% phone protection
  • Anti-slip & scratch-proof
  • Shock-absorption technology
  • Strap to hang your phone wherever you desire
Item description from the seller
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Covering your iPhone with a case seems like reducing its beauty.

That's why plenty of people keep their mobile case-free.

But a mobile without a cover is vulnerable to the risks of dropping and getting damaged.

You want to keep your phone safe, but you don't want to compromise on its visual appeal, right?

Then, this 3D Retro Camera Phone Case is a sure thing for you to get your hands on.

It's built-in camera design and shock-absorption technology give a unique and dazzling look to your cell and protect it from dust, dirt, and shocks.

What you'll get:

  • Unique camera design: A camera with a turn-on/off flash button is equipped in this phone case. It gives a real-like camera appearance to your phone and makes it look spectacular and striking. You can switch on/off the flash whenever you want.
  • Keep mobile protected: This cover is well made with strong material that protects your mobile from getting scratched and damaged in case of slipping.
  • Hang wherever you desire: A rounded-shaped strap is attached to this phone case to enable you effortlessly hang your phone anywhere. So, while you're occupied with a task, feel free to hang it and get your hands free to do the job perfectly. 
  • Excellent gift choice: Surprise your friends and family by giving this 3D retro camera phone case as a gift on birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving. If you are looking for a gift to surprise a photography lover, this phone case will be a thoughtful gift.