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Altai Vargan is a musical instrument with a case made of cedar "Leaf" for meditation and trance. Healing music. Original

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Vargan with a case made of cedar "Leaf"

Buying a real Altai Vargan of Pavel Potkin means immersing yourself in the world of a mystical, previously unknown culture that will plunge you into the real atmosphere of the Altai mountains. Not a single person has remained indifferent after this. Playing the jew's harp makes your mind brighter, while playing the jew's harp opens up a new stage of spiritual development for you. In addition, the jew's harp is an instrument that helps to awaken the power of breathing, lighten the body, develop your intellectual abilities, and reveal your creative potential. Vargan is a musical instrument often used for throat singing
Vargan has different names: Dental instrument, Vorgan, Khomus, Kubyz, Altai Shaman, morsing, doromb, kubyz, mondharp, temir komuz, maranzano, komus, aman khuur, koukin

Material musical instrument: brass; steel
Length: 7cm / 2.75in


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Listed on 24 May, 2023