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Anti Fungal Home Treatment Set Laser Pen

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About this item
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  • Uses the power of blue light and IPL
  • Treats acne, face hemorrhoids and skin blemishes
  • Treats fungal nails too
  • Reduces foot odor
  • Simple operation; press the button and hover it over the area
  • Works on AA battery (not included)
  • Carefully open the lid. Open the cover by pushing it upwards. Do not twist the cover to open the pen
Item description from the seller
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Faced with minor acne and pimples on your face?

Have yellow fungal toenails?

Want to reduce brown spots and discolored skin marks on your face?

This Anti Fungal Home Treatment Set Laser Pen has come to the rescue.

Affordable, painless and free of side effects, this treatment pen will make your journey towards a fresh face and clean nails so much easier.

What you’ll get:

  • Uses radiations to treat skin irregularities: The pen uses 465nm blue light and 905nm infrared pulsed laser to kill the bacteria and germs residing in your nails, acne, brown spots or pimples. It helps to remove melanin dots and hemorrhoids too. It disinfects the toenails and cuticles and dehydrates the pathogens that might be causing an infection.
  • No side effects: Don’t worry; this anti-fungal treatment set is health-safe; incorporates bio-enzyme technology which is non-invasive.
  • Easy to use: To operate, press the button, place your finger on the conductive metal strip and hover the light on the infected or affected area. Keep hovering over it for 6-7 minutes. It will turn off itself after 7 minutes. After a few weeks, you’ll start seeing the results.

* If you experience any skin scarring or irritation, contact your skin doctor.