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Anti-skid Car Dashboard Silica Gel Pad for Phone

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About this item
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  • Eco-friendly
  • Heat-resistant
  • Washable silica pad
  • Holds multiple things
Item description from the seller
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Have you ever lost your phone in the car while driving because it slipped off the dash? Quite a few, right?

Well, then where are you supposed to put it? In your pockets? Sure, that sounds sane. Next thing you know, it started ringing with a loud bang. And, of course, you had to check if it was an important one that too while driving.

While taking it out, you lose your focus and boom! How dangerous! Value your life as much as we do! Get our anti-skid silica gel pad to avoid all those red signs.These sticky pads are ridiculously effective with the perfect stretch and tackiness.

It will keep your phone, keys, coins, glasses, and all that stuff at an arm's distance, so you don't have to look elsewhere while reaching.

What you'll get:

  • Premium quality: Our non slip phone pad has a good viscosity that will keep your cell phones, coins, glasses, home, or office keys right there at the dash.

  • Stay focused: Diverting your attention while holding the steering wheel is the last thing you should do. Keep your commodities right in front with this silica gel magic sticky pad.

  • High sustainability: If you want to wash them in case of dirt, simply clean them with clear water and pat them dry to restore the stickiness. And, they are good to go for holding up everything you got.

  • Heat-proof: You don't have to worry about the pad getting hot from the outdoor burning heat as our phone grip pad has high heat resistance.

  • Easy installation: It is as easy as it sounds. Just attach the plain transparent side on the dashboard, place your smartphone on the grid pattern, and it will stay there. Yes, literally!

How To Remove Silica Gel Sticky Pad

Slightly lift the pad from one end and slowly start pulling up the rest of it. Once the powerful seal is broken, you can remove it easily.