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Automatic injector Spasilen Medical Device to get an injection yourself

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Item description from the seller
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Reusable non-sterile device for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections at home and in medical institutions. Allows you to independently carry out injections without special professional skills. Relieves pain and discomfort. Ensures proper injection.
The Spasilen autoinjector is designed to significantly reduce the discomfort of injections and make the process more comfortable for both adults and children.
Manufacturers have made the device so simple and convenient that you can use it yourself without involving outsiders.
Spasilen has a registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor No. RZN 2021/13631.
The device is reusable for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections at home and in medical institutions.
The product is a compact, ergonomically shaped polymer case with a lid.
Inside the case there are spring mechanisms with the help of which automatic injections are carried out.
On the side surface of the body there is a trigger button that activates the injection mechanisms.
On the body of the product in the end part, next to the hole for the exit of the needle, there is a safety button that blocks the operation of the device if the release button is accidentally pressed.
For installation of syringes in the body of the injector, there are replaceable cartridges for syringes with a volume of 3 ml and 5 ml.
The syringe cartridge is mounted on the cartridge holder, which is located inside the device body.
A cap remover is provided to remove the cap from the syringe needle.
The medical automatic injector "Spasilen" is supplied in a coated cardboard box, which ensures safe transportation and storage of the product.
Operating principle.
The principle of operation of an automatic injector is based on the action of spring mechanisms that ensure the reciprocating movement of the syringe.
Spring mechanisms are triggered by pressing the release button.
One press of the release button replaces several sequential actions that must be performed during a conventional injection:
1) needle insertion;
2) piston movement and drug administration;
3) withdrawal of the needle.
Functional characteristics.
The automatic medical injector "Spasilen" provides the opportunity to inject yourself without outside help, as well as to your loved ones, solving the problem of remoteness of medical institutions.
The device allows you to reduce the emotional and physical reaction to the injection procedure.
The use of the device relieves the patient from nervous tension during the injection, and also allows you to manage on your own without outside help when prescribing injectable drugs by the attending physician and the unavailability of professional medical care.
The needle enters the injection site exactly at an angle of 90 ° quickly, painlessly, to the required depth.