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DIY AutoPro Scratch Magic Eraser
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DIY AutoPro Scratch Magic Eraser
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DIY AutoPro Scratch Magic Eraser
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DIY AutoPro Scratch Magic Eraser
DIY AutoPro Scratch Magic Eraser
DIY AutoPro Scratch Magic Eraser

DIY AutoPro Scratch Magic Eraser

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  • Say Goodbye to Expensive Auto Body Bills - Repair scratches and touch up the finish of your car yourself to save money and time
  • Get Professional Results in Minutes - With just a few simple steps, you'll be amazed by how easy it is to use and the results you'll get
  • Keep Your Car Looking Brand New - Make your vehicle look new and improved by removing scratches and small marks
  • Works on Any Color and Type of Car - Repair scratches on any car, truck, or SUV, no matter what color or type of vehicle it is!
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Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars to fix small scratches and marks on your car? Have you tried using low-quality scratch repair kits with disappointing results? The solution to your problems is finally here!

Introducing the DIY AutoPro Scratch Magic Eraser - the ultimate car scratch eraser pen that provides professional results with just a few easy steps. Say goodbye to toxic and damaging products and say hello to this non-toxic, easy-to-use pen that won't harm your vehicle's finish.

With the AutoPro Scratch Magic Eraser, you will get the perfect finish you want for your car with ease, and say goodbye to those frustrating and costly trips to the auto body shop!

Get rid of those pesky scratches with ease by following these 5 simple steps:

  1. Find a shady spot - Use your scratch eraser in a cool and shaded area to get the best results.
  2. Prime the applicator - Give the tip of the pen a few taps on a separate surface until it's fully saturated. This may take up to 40-50 presses.
  3. Apply the concealer - Use the pen to apply the scratch concealer directly onto the affected area.
  4. Wipe off excess - Quickly use a dry paper towel to remove any excess, as the concealer dries quickly.
  5. Let it cure - Park your car in the sun until the concealer is completely dry and cured, which can take 1-48 hours.

This Clear Coat Scratch Repair Filler & Sealer is virtually invisible and safe for use on any car and any paint color!