Boxing Reflex Ball Headband Set

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Boxing Reflex Ball Headband Set
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  • Ball size: 3.14 inch (diameter approx.)
  • Rope Length: 29.5 inch approx.
  • Ball weight: 25g (black); 85g (red)
  • Boxing headband ball set
  • Comfortable to wear band
  • Lightweight ball
  • Improves hand eye coordination 
  • Must have home gym accessory
  • Stay fit wherever you are

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Staying active and fit is healthy for your body, mind, and soul,

Yep, you know that well. But, getting ready, packing a workout bag, and driving to the gym feel like an extra chore you surely don’t appreciate much.

So, are you compromising your fitness and health because of your slouchy butt??? And, are you complaining about your pudgy body shape? Been there, done that!

Be fit, stay active, start working out without going to gym!

Yes, even the laziest person can get fit right at home with this boxing reflex ball headband set. The little ball gives a feeling similar to punching bags, while the headset helps you focus on your hand force to coordinate with the moving ball.

Why is this simple punching ball headband the best, you ask? Well, you can carry it anywhere! Take it on the go, have a little 5-minute stress-relieving break in the office, bring it to your university, or use it in your bedroom. You just need to have it with you to use it anywhere! Literally!

How much simpler and easier working out and getting fit can be??

What you’ll get:

  • The easiest workout you can have anywhere: With just a headband tied to a rope and ball, this boxing ball set can be taken to the office, gym, outdoors, while you travel or anywhere. Not big or bulky, perfect to carry along! The instructions are quite easy, just wear the headband, and start hitting the ball to improve your reflexes and reaction time. 

  • Adjustable size to fit everyone: Kids and adults can wear boxer ball easily by adjusting to their head size, thanks to its Velcro adjustment, which provides a stronger grip as well.

  • For beginners and pros: The best thing about this headband punching ball is both beginners and professionals can use it. A beginner will hit this ball a bit lower, a proficient will blow it horizontally at his/her eye level, advanced training will encompass punching the ball a bit upward, and the most advanced training will include rotating the body and punching the ball together.

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Listed on 31 December, 2020