Car Seatbelt Pillow For Kids

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  • Soft and comfortable
  • Conveniently attaches with the seatbelt
  • Supports head & neck while traveling
  • Easy removing and installing
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Long road trips are exciting and entertaining for everyone, but with all the excitement comes dozing and snoozing of your little ones.

They start shutting their eyes and throwing their neck up and down in sleep. It’s not just uncomfortable but also breaks them off from a good nap – this constant sleeping and waking up spoils their mood that can be quite irritating.

We know that as a parent, you must have tried everything to prevent any disturbance to the sleeping toddlers, but still, no good has come out.

What's good is this seat belt pillow. Bring comfort and softness alongside your road trips with this seat belt cover that ensures your child's head stays in one place and his neck is supported throughout the journey.

What you'll get:

  • Avoid neck cramps and sore shoulders: During car rides, the bumpy roads, sudden brakes, and abrupt acceleration make you feel like you're faced by an earthquake. Having this seatbelt pillow supports your neck and shoulder and ensures that your travel experience is comfortable.

  • Helps the young ones sleep: Long road trips can be tiring for kids, and they will doze off sooner or later. This belt cover ensures that they feel relaxed and comfortable while they are sleeping.

  • No compromise on safety: This toddler seat belt cover does not affect the use of a seatbelt, making the ride safe as usual. Take care of your kid's neck and shoulder while they are properly tucked in the seatbelt.

  • Easy to use: The cover has a velcro opening, making it super convenient for you to remove or attach it with the seat belt as per your requirement. This makes it portable too, so even if you are going in someone else's car, you can always keep your comfort pillow with you.