Car Windshield Ice Scraper Tool

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Car Windshield Ice Scraper Tool
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  • Multi-functional – can be used as a funnel too
  • Doesn't leave scratch marks on your windshield
  • Durable rounded panel with raised bumps
  • Available in black, green, blue & red

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Why spend countless hours scraping ice and snow off of your car's windshield, when the Car Windshield Ice Scraper Tool can do it in seconds!

Remove frost, ice, and snow from your automobile's windows, without damaging the windshield or paint, using this amazing handheld cleaning tool!  Conventional ice scrapers and snow removers just aren't capable of removing enough snow and ice with each scrape. Instead, you're required to push and pull, over and over again, in order to remove the viewing hazard from your glass.

What you’ll get:

  • Reduces scraping time by half: Reduce your scraping time by half compared to brushes. Durable enough to work even in the toughest winter conditions, this cone-shaped ice scraper is heavy-duty and made to last!

  • Multi-purpose operation: This handy cleaning tool is a must have for anyone who owns a car. Not only is it perfect for removing ice and snow from your car's windows, this amazing ice scraper is multi-functional. Use it as a funnel to easily add washer fluid to your car, without spilling a drop.

  • Won’t scratch your windshield: Unlike most ice scrapers that are made of metal and often have flat, blade like scrapers, with pointed ends, this tool features a durable, plastic, rounded panel, with raised bumps, that won't leave scratch marks on your glass. Remove the snow and ice with edges that are finely polished and absolutely smooth.

How to use:

Simply wrap your fingers around the ice scraper tool's neck to hold it in your palm and scrape ice and snow away faster and easier than ever before! The nodes on the scraper's smaller side will be used to break up the hard ice that has accumulated on the mirrors.

The innovative and ergonomic design allows you to move it in any direction, even in a circular motion. This enables you to remove a larger area of snow and ice from your car at a time! It scrapes snow and ice twice as quickly as standard scrapers.

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