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Christmas Cookie Cutter & Stamper Mold
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Christmas Cookie Cutter & Stamper Mold
Christmas Cookie Cutter & Stamper Mold
Christmas Cookie Cutter & Stamper Mold

Christmas Cookie Cutter & Stamper Mold

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About this item
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  • Made with food-grade silicone; unbreakable
  • Easy to use, like a stamp; no force required
  • Pack includes: 6 silicone molds + small container for storage
  • Clean and reuse for endless times
  • Order in your favorite fabulous color
Item description from the seller
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Make an impression this holiday season (literally) with our festive Cookie Cutter & Stamper set, featuring 6 different silicone molds! Now, you can simultaneously imprint cute impressions on your cookies while you're cutting out your round cookie shapes!  The different molds are stored inside the stamper base and are easily changed for a variety of cookie impressions. Cookie Cutter makes cookies 2 1/8" in diameter.

The Christmas Stamper includes the following molds: Christmas Tree, Gingerbread Man, Candle, Snowflake, Bell, and Christmas Present.

Also available are Animal, Easter, and Geometric Cookie Stamper Sets.

The Cookie Stamper measures 4 3/4" tall and 2 1/4" wide. Each mold measures 1 7/8" in diameter.

Molds are made from high quality, food grade silicone so they're very flexible, yet durable enough to last for many years and many impressions. 

Molds are easily cleaned with warm water and soap.