Ergonomic Garlic Cutter & Cuber

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Ergonomic Garlic Cutter & Cuber
Ergonomic Garlic Cutter & Cuber
Ergonomic Garlic Cutter & Cuber
Ergonomic Garlic Cutter & Cuber
Ergonomic Garlic Cutter & Cuber
Ergonomic Garlic Cutter & Cuber
Ergonomic Garlic Cutter & Cuber
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  • Gives tiny cubes of garlic on one squeeze
  • Food-grade plastic construction
  • Handles 4 cloves at a time
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Easy to clean and set up
  • No smelly fingers anymore
  • Mini garlic chopper to get cube, dice, or minced garlic
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Are you cooking roasted chicken legs that need a sprinkle of garlic cubes or do you want to mix tiny pieces of it in the garlic bread dough?

Sure, it is delectable but what to do with all the smell that just can’t come off our hands after cutting it.

Bid farewell to smelly fingers and time-consuming garlic cutting during food preparation. This garlic cuber will give you fine cubes of garlic in a few squeezes. Enhance the flavor of your meat and vegetable meals with finely cubed garlic.

What you will get:

  • Power to handle 3 cloves at a time: Insert 3 peeled garlic cloves at a time and squeeze the grip to get instant mini garlic cubes.

  • Easy to set up: Remove the chamber and insert the cloves in it. Attach it with the grip and voila, you are done.

  • No cuts or smell: There are issues of cuts/wounds and smelly fingers when using a weird garlic cutting machine or knives to cut garlic. However, this garlic cuber has no such problems.

  • Resistant body: Unlike a general garlic cutter, this one contains strongly connected parts that can sustain the force of pressing. No parts will come loose even when you separate them to clean it.

  • No mess: The stainless steel blades cut the clove into tiny cubes rather than pressing and mincing it to generate juice that flows out and makes the countertop dirty. It works just like a garlic shredder to give you delectable garlic pieces directly onto the plate or cooking dish.

  • Food-grade construction: The handheld garlic processors are made of environmental-friendly plastic which is not hazardous to health or your surroundings.