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Energizing- Healing-Pyramid
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Energizing- Healing-Pyramid

Crystal Healing Copper Pyramid, High Quality Copper Pyramid for Meditation

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  • The pyramid is made of 100% copper. 
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Pyramid Application: Pyramid for Calming Meditation, Cleansing Meditation. Reiki healing tool, Emf protection for mobile phone, energiser tool. pyramid for precious stones
Sizes from 6.5" to 7.5" are suitable for meditation with a pyramid on your head.

The proportions of the copper pyramid exactly correspond to the Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Cheops). This is a regular four-sided pyramid, the dimensions of which are also selected in the proportions of the "golden section", the angle of inclination of the edges of the pyramid is 51.83 degrees. The length of the side of the base is equal to the height multiplied by half of the mathematical number Pi (3.14). Only these proportions correspond to reality.
At the base of the pyramid is a regular rectangle, and the side faces are isosceles triangles equal to each other. The height of the pyramid is equal to the length of the perpendicular lowered from the top to the center of the base.
Under the top of the pyramid there is a hook for hanging crystals.
I make pyramids of different sizes, but each of them has a ratio of height and length of the base strictly corresponds to 1.618 ("golden ratio").
Despite its apparent simplicity, the pyramid is inherently a complex field multifunctional device that can positively affect both the human body and the environment, but only when used correctly.
In order for the pyramid to have its beneficial effect, it must be properly manufactured and correctly oriented to the cardinal directions. One of the side faces (not the edges!) of the pyramid should be oriented with a compass strictly to the north.