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Cordless Stir Free
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Cordless Stir Free
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Cordless Stir Free
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Cordless Stir Free
Cordless Stir Free
Cordless Stir Free
Cordless Stir Free
Cordless Stir Free

Cordless Stir Free

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About this item
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  • 3 silicone legs to remain steady in the pot, pan
  • Works for up to 4 hours non-stop
  • 3 speed options for the turning action
  • Provides hands-free stirring for sauces, soups, dips
  • Compatible with every type of pan surface
  • Legs are dishwasher safe
  • Works with 4 AA batteries
Item description from the seller
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Stop your chocolate, curries, sauces and soups from sticking or burning while cooking!

With our innovative, Cordless Stir Free kitchen utensil you can ensure even heat distribution throughout your dish, as this revolutionary, cooking device glides around the pot or pan base preventing your meal from scorching and sticking to the saucepan or pot.

This must-have auto stirrer is specially designed to cover the entire surface area of your pan, while it stirs your soups, sauces or beans, for up to 4 hours!

The Cordless Stir Free:

  • Features 3 legs, with silicone feet, that won’t scratch or damage your pans

  • Silicone feet and orbital turning action ensures that no spot in the pot is left unstirred

  • Features 3 different speeds for all of your cooking needs- To change the speed, simply press down on the top 

Preparing homemade soups and sauces is a time-consuming process and standing in front of the stove, stirring, could make you frustated! Now you can spend that time with your family, cleaning the house, reading a good book or whatever else you'd like to do! 

  • With the simple touch of a button, the Cordless Stir Free starts to stir the food in your pot or pan

  • Works with all pots and pans (non-stick, stainless steel, aluminum or enamel)

  • Suitable for automatic stirring of sauces, dips, soups, creams, etc.- Stir sauces, gravy, custards, soups, even baked beans with the push of a button (the mixture shouldn’t be very thick though)

  • Powered by 4 standard AA batteries (not included)