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Daisy bracelet with green glass breads Floral bracelets set Flower jewelry Aesthetic green handmade jewels Gift for her

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    Please choose the appropriate size of the bracelet in the variation!

    Handmade jewelry is made within a week, on average from 5 to 14 working days.

    This set for one price includes: two bracelets, delivery, beautiful packaging.
    If you want an individual size or slightly modify the bracelets (for example, remove or change the color of the beads or change the silver beads to gold), then write to me before placing an order. I can also sign a postcard for you if you send jewelry as a gift .

    The bracelets are made of high-quality Japanese and Czech glass beads. Beads of silver color are waterproof. The floral bracelet is woven with a fishing line, does not stretch and has a regulating chain and a lock. A simple bracelet without flowers is elastic, stretches and without a lock and an adjustable chain.

    Dear friends, if you have your own idea or you want an individual design, then feel free to write to me and I will help you implement your idea!

    Thank you for reading to the end and thank you for supporting my little store!

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