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Easy DIY Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit
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Easy DIY Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit
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Easy DIY Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit
Easy DIY Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit
Easy DIY Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit
Easy DIY Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit

Easy DIY Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit

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About this item
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  • Made with rubber & durable plastic material
  • Removes dent within minutes
  • Applicable on all surfaces (cars, refrigerators, machines)
  • 5-in-one kit to remove slightest to deepest dents
  • No damages will be caused to surfaces during the process
  • 6 quick steps, even kids can follow
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The Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit has a unique bridge design, created to eliminate the risk of additional damage. The adhesive system design guarantees dent removal without the messy, sticky residue other systems are known to leave behind. No chemicals or other toxic materials are involved, so the original paint is 100% protected during the process. This is a paintless ding & dent repair.

Repair dents on almost any part of any vehicle- The Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit easily removes dents caused by hail, car doors, shopping carts and more, without damaging the surface of your car.

How to use it? Slowly twist the nut in the middle of the bridge dent puller, to thoroughly and effectively repair the dents. Use enough glue to create a glue cushion of about 1-2 millimeters between the metal and the puller pad. It's fairly important to press the tool quickly to operation surface. 

1. Clean damaged surface with a damp clean cloth

2. Put the glue in gun and heat (heat for about 5-10 min.)

3. Pull the trigger and apply the glue to the drawing gasket (not car)

4. Immediately place pad in the center of the dent and hold until it sticks

5. Place the stem of the pad through the hole in the pulling bridge and screw knob

6. Tighten knob until dent pops up

7. Clean surface

Do not let the glue harden completely. It will just break off when you pull the dent. As you pull the dent you should see the glue stretch slightly, and there will be a distinctive metal popping sound if done properly.

Tip: This tool is not suitable for corners or creases.

The Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit is made of rubber and durable plastic. It comes with 5 different sizes of suction tabs for your selection. Now you can get your car back to its original condition quickly and easily!

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Evelyn. A.flag imageVerified Purchase
Amazing product took the dent off my washer . I would recommend this to anyone and it’s not that expensive. Great item. You do have to purchase your own glue gun since it did not come with it.
Janelle. M.flag imageVerified Purchase
Good quality so far.
Ben. G.flag imageVerified Purchase
Received kit today and tried to use it. It's a little small for what i'm trying to pull and that is fine as this was just an experiment. Kit contained everything as described. If it's hot and humid wait at least twice the length of the recommended drying time.
Luis. J.flag imageVerified Purchase
This is the best dent puller I have ever used, and is the easiest , with clear instructions to fix a variety of dents and sizes!
Molly. S.flag imageVerified Purchase
Great so far! I needed it for a dent in the side door of my car after someone hit it in a parking garage. The only concern I have is if it will last for multiple uses, as it isn't the sturdiest plastic around (enough to get the job done the first time though). I wouldn't recommend it for a dent too deep either, or too large. It works better for smaller dings that need something a little more precise then just a plunger and hot water to pull them out.
David. L.flag imageVerified Purchase
Every thing is okay thank you
Dickie. J.flag imageVerified Purchase
It would be a lot better if you provided an instruction list with the product. I had to go back to the advert to check what to do and how to achieve a result.
Danny. A.flag imageVerified Purchase
Works great but after a couple of days putting to much pressure will cause it to break in half maybe it should be upgraded with harder plastic
Adrian. S.flag imageVerified Purchase
Need information on how to use it. Have too get information from computer. Easy to use.
stephen. n.flag imageVerified Purchase
Great tool for removing dents In your carthanks
Listed on 25 December, 2018