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Detox Slimming Patches

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  • Get a Flatter Stomach with Ease - Natural ingredients help shape your stomach and make you look slimmer
  • Convenient and Comfortable - Wear them anywhere on your body for 8 hours
  • Natural and Safe - 100% natural and safe to use. Say goodbye to chemical weight loss methods and get rid of your belly fat naturally
  • Achieve Your Body Goals - Whether you want a flat stomach, six-pack abs, or to feel confident and attractive, slimming patches can help
  • Be Confident and Beautiful - Wear all the clothes you want with a flatter stomach and slimmer figure
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Say goodbye to stubborn belly fat and self-consciousness. 

Our patches, made with 100% natural ingredients, can help shape your body and promote weight loss with just 8 hours of daily wear for 2-5 weeks.

No more harsh chemicals or side effects- experience the magic of natural, effective weight loss with Detox Slimming Patches. Get yours now and feel confident in your own skin!

100% Natural: 
Our patches are made with only natural ingredients, so you don't have to worry about any harmful chemicals or side effects.

Suitable for Both Men and Women: 
The unisex design of our patches makes them suitable for both men and women, so you can share the journey of weight loss with your partner or friends.

10 Patches in a Set: 
Each set includes 10 patches, giving you the ability to achieve your weight loss goals without having to constantly restock.

How to use detox slimming patches:
Remove the clear plastic covering from the detox slimming patches. Attach the patch to the abdominal area, making sure to clean and dry the area first. It is recommended that the patch is used every other day for between 4-8 hours, depending on your skin type (not more than 8 hours). It’s not advisable to use it every day. 

If you feel a burning sensation which is hard to endure, remove the patch and let it cool down automatically (will take 10-12 min). Don’t pour cold water on it to cool it down. 


  • 10 discreet, easy-to-use, unisex adhesive patches
  • Active ingredients: Sophoricoside, Capscin, Caffeine, Catechin, Salicorina Herbacea
  • Safe, comfortable and simple method with no side effects
  • Approximate dimensions of each patch: 31 x 18 cm
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Agnes. C.flag imageVerified Purchase
It feels great on with no complications lost 4 lbs so far in two weeks, great price
Paula. S.flag imageVerified Purchase
I've only used one but noticed a difference already. Very pleased.
Erin. B.flag imageVerified Purchase
I used 1 patch yesterday, so I cant really say how I like it. The patch was pretty easy to put on,they are very sticky and while wearing it it seemed to warm up on my skin ( maybe it was just me lol) cant wait to try again tomorrow since you shouldn't wear them everyday. If I see a difference I'll keep buying. I do work out and eat decent so I'm not 100% relying on just the patch.
Rond. B.flag imageVerified Purchase
This product really works I would definitely recommend this
Ursula. A.flag imageVerified Purchase
I have used them four times so far so it's early days but would be willing to pop back with an update after I've used them over a longer time period.
Aline. L.flag imageVerified Purchase
I don't see any difference yet I just started using it
MARIA. S.flag imageVerified Purchase
I have used it five times every other day and I do feel it has slimmed me down a little. I exercise and have a good diet but I have stubborn fat on my lower abdomen and muffin top. I cut a sheet in half and put it on sides for muffins top. I wish they have a special shape for this area. I will order more and wait for results. So far, so good.
Deborah. D.flag imageVerified Purchase
Received quick. Have not tried yet. Looks great.
Customer Customerflag imageVerified Purchase
waiting to see the results, just started this is my third one.....Shirley Sharp
Juanita. C.flag imageVerified Purchase
The adhesive is very strong .. be sure to take it off in the shower !

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