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DIY Wooden Toy Kaleidoscope

byPlayful Picks
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About this item
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  • Material: Wood & acrylic
  • Size: 12 x 24 cm approx.
  • Wooden DIY Kaleidoscope
  • Innovative toy for kids
  • Equally entertaining for kids and adults
  • Enjoy different colorful visual patterns
  • Increases creativeness and imagination in kids
Item description from the seller
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Who doesn't love a fun gadget that keeps you entertained for long hours?

We know both you and your kids will love this DIY wooden toy kaleidoscope.

Ideal for stimulating creativity, imagination, and innovativeness of your kids, this DIY toy is sure to make them explore the beauty of geometric shapes that they will see in this kaleidoscope.

What you’ll get:

  • Unique toy full of creativity: If your child is bored of the remote-controlled fancy toys, let him play with this wooden toy kaleidoscope. It is so creative that kids and the whole family will be completely immersed in it.
  • Beautiful color patterns: Choose different items to put within this kaleidoscope, such as flowers, leaves, shells, or beads, and watch vibrant patterns develop on the screen. Gently rotate the end of the kaleidoscope and see the patterns changing. The toy's changing colors and uniqueness each time you put something different makes it the ideal toy for entertainment.
  • Learning experience: While your child is figuring out what to put in the kaleidoscope, you can teach him about these items. Along with playing, it will broaden young one’s learning.
  • Excellent gift choice: Take a different approach in giving toys to kids with this wooden DIY kaleidoscope. Surprise the little ones with this innovative toy on their birthday or Christmas.