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Edamame Pea Pod Keychain Fidget Toy

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About this item
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  • Material: PVC
  • Peapod keychain with a fun design
  • Stress-relieving gadget
  • Endless fun
  • Kill boredom efficiently
Item description from the seller
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  • Feeling stressed out or anxious? What's your coping mechanism?

    Nail-biting, picking up your hair, rolling fingers, or spinning the pen?

    These might be relaxing for you but disturbing for others and are surely unhealthy and painful habits.

    Avoid them at all costs. But how?

    Get your hands on this edamame keychain fidget toy and pop the beans inside it for as long as you want without disturbing anyone else around you.

    This squeezing toy is ideal for killing boring time and eliminating any stress you feel.

    A squishy keychain with anti-stress features – how cool is that. It is your partner at work, home, and while waiting in a queue to enter your spouse's favorite shopping brand. :p

    What you'll get:

    • Manage your keys: This popping keychain is ideal for keeping your home, office, car keys together forever. You won't forget the keys with this unique and useful keychain. Attach it with your cellphone or backpack to make them look cool.

    • Stress-relieving fidget toy: This pop-out edamame keychain is the ideal way of relieving stress. Squeeze the pea pod, and one of the beans pops out, let go, and it gets back in. Repeat the popping and sinking unless you are calm and smiling again.

    • Kill boredom: The fun shape of this popping fidget is enough to entertain you in a dull and boring meeting. It keeps you busy when nothing around is fun.

    • Excellent gift choice: Show your care for your loved ones by giving this pea pod keychain to them and make their life a little more calm and relaxing.