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Educational Talking Flash Cards

byPlayful Picks
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  • Material: ABS
  • Battery: 300mAh USB charging
  • Full charged service time: 4 hours
  • 112 dual-sided flashcards
  • Educational toys for kids
  • Fun way of teaching kids
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Parenting is not easy. You cannot wait for your kid to go to school and learn everything from there. Instead, it would help if you teach your little one basic things like the alphabet, counting, and other easy-to-learn object names before he finally starts going to school.

Use these educational talking flashcards to make this preschool teaching more fun and easier for yourself and the kids.  

With a sound pronouncing the object on the flashcard, your child will be more interested in it and learn things quickly.

What you’ll get:

  • Eye protection: This talking flashcard set has a non-electronic screen design that causes no stress to your young one’s eyes. It is extremely child friendly to use.
  • Get rid of tech gadgets: Children will fall in love with this educational toy at once and forget about using tablets or cellphone. It will give them a lot to learn and eliminate time-wasting devices.
  • Safe to use: The edges of the cards are smooth and non-hurting for kids. Children of 4-6 years of age can use it independently and have fun while learning new things.
  • Portable: The small size and lightweight design of these educational talking flashcards make it easy to carry in hand. It will be an ideal entertainer for kids during long road trips and make their journey more fun.
  • How to use: Place the flashcard on the screen and press the play button. It will say the name of the object on the card. You can replay the voice again by pressing replay button. Volume level can also be adjusted with volume button.
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Stella Stellaflag imageVerified Purchase
My 5 year old saw this more as a game than “learning” which is so important considering he spends all day e-learning in front of a screen. Highly recommended
Listed on 20 April, 2022