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Electrostimulator DENAS-ORTHO, compact version of DENAS-Vertebra

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Transcutaneous electrostimulator "DENAS-Ortho" - a compact version of DENAS-Vertebra - an assistant for you and your back.
DENAS-Ortho is intended for dynamic electrical neurostimulation of the reflexogenic zones of the lumbosacral region for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes:
  • emergency care and course treatment for acute and chronic pain in the lumbosacral region,
  • prevention of lower back pain with increased static loads,
  • symptomatic treatment and course treatment of diseases of the female and male genital area,
  • course treatment of diseases of the vessels of the lower extremities.


What healing effect does ORTHO guarantee?

Together with physiotherapists, a new list of treatment programs was developed - ORTHO has 6 of them (two for first aid for pain, four for the treatment of pathologies of the small pelvis and legs).
For anesthesia, the “Pain” and “Acute Pain” programs have been introduced into the arsenal of the device. The choice between them is carried out taking into account the intensity of sensations.
In addition, the developers took into account that physiotherapy procedures on the lower spine can have a therapeutic effect on the pelvic organs (solving gynecological and urological problems) and lower limbs. Therefore, the range of action of the apparatus was not limited to the lower back. The "Relaxation" program is used for fatigue of the back muscles associated with a forced position. "Women's Health" is indicated for the treatment of gynecological diseases. "Men's Health" carries out the correction of functional disorders of the pelvic organs in men. "Health of the feet" is used to correct functional disorders of the vessels of the lower extremities, to eliminate swelling.

Machine net weight: 350 +/- 100 g. (2 batteries AA not included)
Remote: 65 +/- 20g (2 batteries AAA not included)
Gross weight: no more than 1200 g.
Manual RU or English in pdf format

Warranty period of operation - 12 months.

Weight: 498.0 gr.
Country of origin: Russia
Series: DENAS
There are contraindications.
For proper procedures with DENAS devices, as well as for determination of optimal combinations with other treatment methods, read the Operating Manual or consult a specialist.
The following contraindications exist to using a DENAS devices by persons without medical education:
  • the presence of an artificial heart pacemaker;
  • the first month of pregnancy;
  • self-aid in cases of alcoholic intoxication;
  • individual intolerance.

When the devices is being used by persons with special medical training, all the contraindications are subject to assessment by that person, except where there is the need for urgent operative intervention.


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