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Electrostimulator DENAS-Osteo Pro with 6 auto programs

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About this item
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  • Program 1. Pain in the neck. It is used in the presence of pain symptoms in the muscles or in the cervical spine.
  • Program 2. Relaxation. Helps relieve emotional stress and eliminate the negative effects of stress.
  • Program 3. Headache. Recommended for headache relief.
  • Program 4. Acclimatization. Can be used when changing time zones and weather sensitivity.
  • Program 5. Rehabilitation. Recovers after injuries or operations on the spine.
  • Program 6. Cold. Helps relieve the main symptoms of a cold - nasal congestion and sore throat.
Item description from the seller
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Product Details
Brand: DENAS

Transcutaneous electrostimulator DENAS-Osteo Pro.

DENAS-Osteo Pro, model 2021

Intended for electrical stimulation of reflexogenic zones on the back of the neck for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.


  • Rapid pain relief for osteochondrosis and discomfort in the cervical region.
  • Obtaining a relaxing effect in case of fatigue, stress, emotional stress.
  • Relief of headaches in osteochondrosis and overexertion.
  • Elimination of symptoms of meteosensitivity (deterioration of health, weakness).

The neck is the most mobile and vulnerable part of the spine. In turn, the blood supply to the brain, and hence our well-being and mood, depends on the health of the cervical vertebrae, its muscles, blood vessels and ligamentous apparatus.

On the basis of DENAS, several generations of devices have been created that are used for neck pain. DENAS-Osteo PRO is the youngest model, work on which began in 2020.

People's Apparatus

Treatment programs are age-independent: due to the safety of use and the proven effect of the treatment method, the device can “work” equally well for the elderly, for young people, for office workers, athletes and even schoolchildren.

DENAS-Osteo PRO received an ultra-thin body, in which there is no display and control panel. The entire treatment process is regulated by the power button and the rocker button, with the help of which programs are selected or power is adjusted. The number of the selected program is highlighted by an LED on the side of the case. In addition, there is a modern adapted neck fixation system. These are petals-springs that will delicately fix the device on the patient's neck without causing any discomfort. It is also important that these mounts are universal, and will equally well “cope” with both the fragile neck of a child and the powerful neck of a bodybuilder.

DENAS-Osteo PRO became the first specialized device with moving electrodes. When fixing the device on the neck, they will easily take the desired angle of inclination to ensure better contact with the patient's skin, which means a higher effect of medical procedures.

Warranty period of operation - 12 months from date of sale

Weight: 298.0 gr.

Country of Origin: Russia

Series: DENAS

•Neck electrode unit
•Operating Manual, RU (EN .pdf file)
•Consumer packaging
•Battery (type AAA) - Not included
There are contraindications.
For proper procedures with DENAS devices, as well as for determination of optimal combinations with other treatment methods, read the Operating Manual or consult a specialist.
The following contraindications exist to using a DENAS devices by persons without medical education:
  • the presence of an artificial heart pacemaker
  • the first month of pregnancy
  • self-aid in cases of alcoholic intoxication
  • individual intolerance.

When the devices is being used by persons with special medical training, all the contraindications are subject to assessment by that person, exept where there is the need for urgent operative intervention.





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