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Ergonomic Comfort Pillow
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Ergonomic Comfort Pillow
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Ergonomic Comfort Pillow
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Ergonomic Comfort Pillow
Ergonomic Comfort Pillow
Ergonomic Comfort Pillow
Ergonomic Comfort Pillow

Ergonomic Comfort Pillow

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  • Say Goodbye to Neck Pain - You will wake up pain-free and refreshed as the A-shape design cradles your neck and provides the right amount of support
  • Sleep Like a Baby - The pillow's posture corrector helps align your spine, promote proper blood flow and breathing, and keep you from snoring
  • No More Ear Pressure - Your ears will never be sore or sweaty again with this specially designed hole in the pillow
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain - The pillow comes with a machine-washable cover, making it easy to clean and maintain
  • Size: 20.8 x 15.7 x 4 inches approx
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Introducing the Ergonomic Comfort Pillow! Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to deep, quality sleep. This plush, A-shaped cotton pillow is specially designed to reduce aches and pains in the neck, back, and body by providing optimal body alignment. 

With a unique sleep posture corrector design, it's perfect for side and back sleepers, improving circulation and relieving pressure. 

Get yours now and wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free!

Wake Up Refreshed: 
Say goodbye to waking up feeling tired and achy. With the Ergonomic Comfort Pillow, you'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Stay Cool and Comfortable: 
The unique hole design helps to keep your head cool and comfortable as you sleep, so you can say goodbye to waking up sweaty and uncomfortable.

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Georgia Katsetosflag imageVerified Purchase
Best pillow ever for a sore neck or disc problem
Michelle Finneganflag imageVerified Purchase
From the very first instant that I placed my head on this unique pillow, I knew that this was the one! I had previously tried a number of different brands of ergonomic pillow. All before had been combo pillows, the center area for back sleepers and either outer edge areas for the side sleepers. None of these worked for me. This well made pillow, specifically for the side sleeper, is the perfect solution.
Karen. W.flag imageVerified Purchase
Was skeptical about this pillow...would it really help???? Pleasantly surprised. First good nights sleep in ages!!! Have severe back problems and scheduled for surgery. This pillow is definitely going to the hospital with me!!!
Julia. S.flag imageVerified Purchase
This pillow is perfect for side sleepers. It has a cover that is removable for washing. The height, softness, and form are just right.
Bobby. M.flag imageVerified Purchase
Love this pillow I can finally sleep thru the knight because I have sciatica and other pillows woke me up in pain but this pillow is perfect
George. B.flag imageVerified Purchase
I received the pillow yesterday. I used it last night. I prefer to sleep on my side in a semi upright position. My neck is often sore every morning. Last night a I had a restful sleep. Glad I purchased this pillow.
Paula. T.flag imageVerified Purchase
Likes: comfortable, conforms to body, ear hole is great. Dislikes: wish the cover it came with was softer!
Scott. L.flag imageVerified Purchase
I was very pleased with this contour pillow - it is very comfortable and has made a lot of difference in my neck pain, in fact, it is practically gone...
Tina. L.flag imageVerified Purchase
Love this pillow so comfortable. Love the pocket for the ears.
Carol. A.flag imageVerified Purchase
I have only use it 2 nights but a big difference in the way my neck feels in the morning

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Listed on 23 May, 2019