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Ethiopian Black Seed Oil 16oz (GLASS)

byBionatal LLC
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About this item
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  • Pure Ethiopian Seeds
  • Highest TQ 4.64%
  • Coldest Press
  • Non-filtered
Item description from the seller
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BioNatal Ethiopian Black Seed Oil detailed specifications:

  • 100% Ethiopian Nigella Sativa used.
  • Seeds from a certified sustainable grower in Ethiopia.
  • Fresh crop (not older than 12 months).
  • The pureness of the black seeds is 99% (Sortex cleaned method).
  • One-time pressed seeds only.
  • Coldest press possible with a temperature of 77-98˚F at BioNatal facility in USA and Egypt.
  • Non-filtered (Not less than 30 days sedimentation process after extraction).
  • Presence of natural sediment (powdered black seeds) up to 5% in each container.
  • Storage at BioNatal facility with specific climate control in the glass jars.
  • Fresh weekly bottling process.
  • Thymoquinone (TQ) level is up to 4.64% (due to the specific elevation of the farms in Ethiopia and nearest distance to equator).