Expandable Pain-Relief Neck Pillow Collar

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Expandable Pain-Relief Neck Pillow Collar
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  • Improves posture and relieves neck pain
  • Increases blood flow to muscles and nerves
  • Heals bulging discs
  • Provides cervical traction
  • Comfortable cotton construction
  • Inflate the collar with the hand pump
  • Disconnect the pipe after pumping
  • Available in different color options

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Spending long hours on the desk at your workplace?
Often taking multiple flights to other countries for work?
Or have you come across a neck pain problem somehow?

This product will solve a majority of your neck problems. The Expandable Pain-Relief Neck Pillow Collar helps aches and pains by increasing blood circulation to all structures of the cervical spine and oxygenating muscles, nerves and tendons, thus decreasing pain and promoting relaxation. 

You control the speed and the pressure on your shoulders, as the Collar works to improve your posture and relieve tension in your spine.

What you’ll get:

  • Relieves pains: The Expandable Pain-Relief Neck Pillow Collar INSTANTLY relieves acute and chronic neck pains by gently stretching and relaxing your shoulder and neck. The collar works by improving neck and shoulder mobility, increasing blood circulation and decompressing difficult to heal bulging discs.

  • Much better than a massage: Massage has its own advantages but you need a dedicated professional or person to perform the procedure. In addition, you can’t get massaged at your workplace. This collar pillow, on the other hand, can be worn any time and anywhere. 

  • Easy setup: This pain relief neck pillow collar is simple and safe to use. Setup can be done in 3 basic steps. 1. Place the device around your neck. 2. Inflate the brace pillow with the help of hand air pump. 3. Stop inflating when your neck gets the desired support. 

For initial results, we recommend using the device 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes per session. Your strained neck deserves the best product out there!

Made of high-quality materials! We’re confident in our product because we have thoroughly tested it against the leading traction devices. 

Neck Pillow Collar comes in a variety of colors. Choose from: Gray, Brown, Nude, Pink, Navy and Purple.

How to use the inflatable neck pillow with pump?

  • Place the device around your neck and close the velcro.

  • Squeeze the pump to inflate. Control the air volume based on your preference. Be careful, overstretching may cause injury. 

  • You are done pumping when your neck feels comfortable. Clamp the valve to prevent the air from leaking.

  • For best results, we recommend using the device 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes per session.

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