Funky 2-in-1 Drinking Straw Glasses

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  • Material: PVC
  • Tube length: 72cm approx.
  • Cool & flexible drinking glasses
  • See the liquid swirling in front of your eyes
  • Excellent gift choice for kids

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No mom, I don't want to drink this boring glass of milk. Noooooooo!!!!"

Must have heard these words coming out of your little one's mouth and have felt frustrated.

After doing all the house chores, you don't have the energy to run after your kid and make him drink the glass of milk, so you just give up. But you can't skip the milk, it is the main source of calcium that your growing child needs.

You want something that encourages your kids to drink milk on their own.

Take a look at these funky drinking straw glasses. A single glance at them is enough to make someone intrigued.

Show these to your young ones and see how eagerly they use them to drink everything, including milk. Problem solved.!

These playful drinking straw glasses let the kids see the liquid swirling before their eyes when sipped.

What you'll get:

  • Cool drinking gadget: Your moody kids will not be scornful of these curly straw glasses. These are cool in design and a funky addition to kids’ gadgets.

  • Easy to persuade kids to drink milk: You won’t be spending hours convincing your child to drink milk and other healthy drinks. These glasses are amazing enough to attract kids and make them drink anything you want them to. No more running from liquids.

  • Excellent gift choice: These unique straw glasses are a cute and trendy gift choice for your lovely kids. Make their birthdays or Christmas more special by surprising them with these.

  • Multiple uses: These funky drinking glasses can be used for any drink you can think of. Milk, water, juice and the list goes on forever. Not just for children, if you are a kid at heart, you can use these transparent swirly glasses to drink your favorite beer, wine or champagne in a fun way. 

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