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Glow In The Dark Sticky Ceiling Balls

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About this item
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  • Material: TPR (kid-friendly)
  • Glow in dark
  • Sticks on the surface (Wall, ceiling)
  • Squeezable balls
  • Provides great playtime for kids
  • Use as a stress-buster as well
  • Balls size 45mm
  • Package includes 4 glow sticky balls
Item description from the seller
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Just when you thought that there are no more kid games left in the world!

These glow stick balls are real game-changers. Firstly, they are an inexpensive means of entertainment. Secondly, they will not make any noise. Thirdly, despite being hurled upon, they will not leave a stain on your walls or ceilings. Fourthly, they are environmentally friendly.

Revolutionize the playtime for your kids and immerse yourself in a relaxing nap or sensual bath while the little mischief makers of your house have fun with the balls.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 glow-in-the-dark sticky balls: They are not just simple squishy balls but light-up balls. Because of the fluorescent coating on them, they absorb the light and shine in the dark.

  • Sticky fun that makes no mess: Kids can hurl the balls at the ceiling or walls and they will attach to them due to the vacuum adsorption phenomenon. But without leaving any speck or mark in the process. The duration of stickiness will vary depending on the force with which the ball is thrown, the nature of the surface and the condition of the ball. If the ball is sticking for long, rub it over the carpet or any fabric so that it catches lint; this will reduce its stickiness. Alternatively, if the stickiness is decreasing, wash them to revive it.

  • An opportunity for various games: It’s not just ‘throw and catch’ with these glow-in-the-dark sticky ball toys. You and your kids can come up with as many games as you want. You can have a target game with it, you can have ball darts, you can paste a creature’s figure on the wall and ask your kids to hit specific body parts you call out to make it a learning experience. Order as many packs as you like and have unlimited fun.

  • A “me time” for the parents: Indulge your kids in the stick balls game while you relax by watching your favorite show on the TV or doing makeup.

  • Stress-relieving sport for adults: They are not just meant for kids. You can alleviate stress with them as well after a hard day at work. Pinch and press them but if that isn’t enough to soothe you up, turn towards throwing them on the ceiling and catching them.