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Herbaceous Nail Treatment Essence

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About this item
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  • Cure fungus infection on nails
  • No more brittle, split & discolored nails
  • Made of all-natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Simple to apply
  • Net weight: 30 ml
  • Great for fingernails & toenails
  • A breeze to apply
Item description from the seller
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Having broken and discolored nails ruin your hands and feet's beauty.

They also cause pain and don’t let you properly do your everyday tasks.

Want to cure this problem?

Get this Herbaceous Nail Treatment Essence to treat your cracked and discolored nails the right way. This serum is made of only natural ingredients, so it won't hurt or irritate your skin.

What you’ll get:

  • No side effects: All-natural ingredients are used to make this nail essence. It doesn't make your skin feel bad in any way.
  • Perfect fungus nails cure: This essence is processed with Artemisia argyl extract, salvia, purslane and sophora extracts. It cures you of onychomycosis and makes your nails smooth, damage-free, and straight.
  • Simple to apply: Wash and dry your nails, then put on the essence. Let it dry for 10 minutes before putting on your socks and gloves.
  • Suitable for all: This herbaceous nail treatment is perfect for both males and females – use it without any concern.