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Hidden Pocket Scrunchie

byFrasier Beauty
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About this item
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  • Keep small valuables and your ponytail secure.
  • Handmade with durable materials
  • Makes the perfect gift! Impress even the pickiest gift recipient with stealthy velvet scrunchies that resourceful runners, trendy teens and everyone in between will absolutely love.
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These scrunchies are more than just a hair tie, they have secret zipper pockets to hide all of your small essentials! Some small essentials you can fit in this pocket are keys, chapstick, lash glue, cash, air pods, medication, and more! Perfect for on the go like hiking, at the gym, school, and even for parties! Wear it in your hair, or on your wrists!

What are the uses for this product?
This product has many different uses but we wanted to share the importance that this product has. Whether or not you use a bag when going out, you are able to keep important items such as keys or cash on you at all times. You will not have to worry about it “falling out of your pockets.” This product is perfect for attending music festivals, raves, or concerts as well. There are many things you can keep in there as it is private and out of another person’s point of view.

What does this product feel like?
Our product is made with premium grade velvet that is durable, thick, and sturdy while keeping its soft texture. Our scrunchie is not made to be thin and flimsy, therefore, it is 100% capable of keeping and securing your items within its pockets.

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Chloe Chloeflag imageVerified Purchase
It looks like an ordinary scrunchy and the fact that these are in style right now, makes it that much more believable when wearing. Plus it works as a hair tie so its a win win. The zipper is hard to see unless you're actively looking for it.
Grace Graceflag imageVerified Purchase
I got for my daughter and her friend for Christmas. They love them! The zipper is hidden and you can fold it in to hide it. They are the perfect size for anyone and they are a very soft.
Zoey Zoeyflag imageVerified Purchase
My daughters in law loved this gift. The scrunchies are are good colors and look good! The hidden zipper put them over the edge with loving them.
Listed on 28 January, 2022