Kapilar 100 Tablets Natural Antioxidant Dihydroquercetin, Source of Bioflavonoids Taxifolin Capillar

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  • Ingredients: everlasting, olive leaf extract Benolea. Dihydroquercetin - 0.1mg; excipients: sorbitol, mannitol, lactose, maltipol, fibregam calcium stearate.
  • Pharmacological action: Kapilar contributes to improvement in functional capacity of the cardiovascular system. Keeping blood pressure normal in the complex therapy. Reduce the incidence of headaches and dizziness. Resilience to physical activity and improve health in people who are prone to high blood pressure. Indications: As a means to normalize the peripheral (capillary) blood flow (including the brain); To improve the functional status of the cardiovascular system; In addition to the primary therapy for ischemic heart disease and hypertension

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